6ft Oak Refectory Table Tables

6ft Oak Refectory Table

£375.00 £445.00

Antique Chaise Longue Upholstered Chairs

Antique Chaise Longue

£200.00 £250.00

Black Painted Bookcase Sideboards and Dressers

Black Painted Bookcase

£295.00 £350.00

Country Dresser Bargains

Country Dresser

£2,250.00 £2,995.00

Dark Grey Painted Bookcase  Sideboards and Dressers

Dark Grey Painted Bookcase

£295.00 £350.00

Edwardian Oak Surround Bargains

Edwardian Oak Surround

£1,000.00 £1,795.00

Ex-Display Irish Dresser Bargains

Ex-Display Irish Dresser

£1,200.00 £1,495.00

Ex-Display Island Bargains

Ex-Display Island

£2,200.00 £2,495.00

Glazed Painted Larder Cupboards and Larders

Glazed Painted Larder

£495.00 £595.00

Huge French Oak Desk Desks

Huge French Oak Desk

£1,295.00 £1,895.00

Old Post Office Cupboard Cupboards and Larders

Old Post Office Cupboard

£550.00 £650.00

Ornate Carved Oak Surround Fire Surrounds and Overmantles

Ornate Carved Oak Surround

£395.00 £995.00

Painted Cream Sideboard Sideboards and Dressers

Painted Cream Sideboard

£225.00 £295.00

Victorian Nursing Chair Upholstered Chairs

Victorian Nursing Chair

£300.00 £475.00