The second week of the year started quite slowly for me. I had the first lazy day off in a while as the kids were back at school and other some admin and book keeping I had kept the day free to recharge a bit. I lay on the sofa, ate far too much chocolate (Choclate has become my replacement stree reliever after gving up alochol, smoking and pretty much everything else indulgent in life!) and watched the excellent Oppenheimer. A great movie and definitely more my type of thing than Barbie which i watched over the weekend!Tuesday saw the arrival of the first big delivery of new stock of the year..
Hello and welcome to my new yard diary!The plan is to write a weekly post describing life at a reclamation yard, the comings and goings, cool finds and general mayhem that is our ongoing day-to day.So here we go - week 1, the first week of January 2024.Things always start off pretty slowly at the beginning of the year, it's cold and people have generally had their fill of shopping before Christmas so we never expect it to be too busy in the first few weeks. The staff all came back on the 2nd, took the decorations down and then regrouped to plan the coming months ( I always have an ever growing..
Things move pretty fast down at the yard and somethings never make it on to the website before being sold. We tend to do a Facebook post of all the best bits on the day we return from buying trips and often photograph stock as it comes off the van, so to stay fully up to date on new stock it is worth following us on Facebook. We also tend to post to both Facebook and Instagram in the days leading up to large deliveries arriving (like the containers from India etc) so people can arrange a visit as soon as the stock is unloaded to get first picks of the new bits! LInks:FACEBOOKINSTAGRA..
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